Canada 150th Anniversary Animated Short Film Program

中文 is delighted to cooperate with the Canadian Trade Office and REEL CANADA to present in Taiwan the Canada 150th Anniversary Animated Short Film Program, a special selection of animation films to celebrate the 150th anniversary the Canadian Confederation.

Animation, although the most accessible of all arts, is also the most fascinating. For thousands of years, sculptors and painters have been dreaming to bring their creations to life. This dream is embodied in the myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who makes a statue so beautiful that he falls in love with it. The invention of cinema in the late 19th century has made that ancient dream a reality.

By means of the rapid display of a sequence of images, animation cinema creates the illusion of motion. Contrarily to traditional cinema, animation knows no boundaries. Although 3D technologies nowadays allows incredibly realistic results, contemporary animation cinema still claims an absolute freedom artistic expression, whether it uses pixels, paper cutouts, puppets or clay figures as a media.

Canada was a pioneer in the exploration of artistic possibilities offered by animation. The Canada 150th Anniversary Animation Program is a witness of the incredible richness and diversity Canadian animation.

Canada 150th Anniversary Animated Short Film Program

  • Program Duration: Approx. 50 min
  • Availability: April 19-21, 2017
  • Language: Musical Animated Films
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Warning: this program contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.


  • Woolloomooloo (Taipei Ximenting) Thu. April 20th, 20:00 + Fri. April 21st, 20:00 Event Details
  • CO77EE Café (Taipei) Friday 4/21. Screenings: 14:30~15:30 ; 20:00~21:00.
    台北市市民大道七段7B1 CO77EE咖啡

  • Dadun Cultural Center (Taichung City) Wednesday 4/19日 19:00.
    臺中市大墩文化中心演講廳 : 臺中市西區英才路600號
  • Shalu Film Odeum (Shalu): Wednesday  4/19 at 14:00.
    臺中市沙鹿電影藝術館 沙鹿區鎮南路二段488號
  • Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages (Kaohsiung): Wednesday April 19th, 15:10

    文藻外語大學 歐盟觀光文化經貿園區 三民區民族一路900

  • Taitung Theatre (Taitung): Wednesday 4/19 at 19:00




Begone Dull Care
1949, Canada, Animation, 8 min
Directed by Evelyn Lambart & Norman McLaren

In this extraordinary short animation produced by the National Film Board of Canada, animators have painted colors and scratched shapes directly onto film stock. The result is a vivid, near-hypnotic interpretation of jazz music played by the Oscar Peterson Trio. Begone Dull Care was designated and preserved as a “masterwork” by the Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of Canada’s audio-visual heritage.

  • Winner of a Special Genie Award for experimental filmmaking.
  • Silver Medal (Culture Films and Documentaries) award at the 1st Berlin International Film Festival.

La Faim / Hunger
1973, Canada, Animation, 11 min
Directed by Peter Foldès

The story, told without words, is a morality tale about greed and gluttony in contemporary consumer society. A man keeps eating all the time, at every moment of his life, soon becoming obese and prone to insomnia. One day, after taking sleeping pills, he dreams himself landing in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by starving children that will eventually devour him. Hunger, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, has received 13 international awards and was the first computer-animated film to earn an Oscar nomination.

  • Special Jury Prize at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival
  • BAFTA Award for Best Animation Film
  • Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival

2007, Canada, Animation, 5 min
Directed by Tom Jackson & Dominique Keller

This film is about going back to one’s roots. An depressed-looking urban youth watches on TV the performance a  world champion hoop dancer and hip-hop artist, Dallas Arcand, a 7th generation First Nations Canadian (aboriginal populations of Canada). Hoop dance is an important element of Canadian First Nations culture. The TV program will have the magical effect to bring the kid to re-connect with new and traditional elements of his ancestral histories.

Âme Noire / Black Soul
2000, Canada, Animation, 9 min
Directed by Martine Chartrand

This beautiful animated short dives into the heart of Black culture with an exhilarating trip though history. Watch as a young boy traces his roots through the stories his grandmother shares with him about the events that shaped their cultural heritage. Haitian Canadian filmmaker Martine Chartrand uses paint-on-glass animation and music to portray defining moments of Black history. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, its soundtrack features traditional African rhythms, gospel music by Ranee Lee and a composition by jazz pianist Oliver Jones.

  • Golden Bear for best short film at the Berlin International Film Festival
  • Jutra Award for best animation.
  • Included in the Animation Show of Shows.

Dancers of the Grass
2009, Canada, Animation, 2 min
Directed by Melanie Jackson
A stunning display of a stop-motion animation, Dancers of the Grass vividly depicts the majesty of the hoop dance, a tradition symbolizing the unity of all nations. The Grass Dance was originally a sacred ritual that was part of a long and complex ceremony performed by warrior societies among various tribes of the plains in North America. In some regions, First Nations people believe that the Grass Dance is a healing dance.

2009, Canada, Animation, 3 min
Directed by Diane Obomsawin

This whimsical animation, reminiscent of the National Film Board of Canada classics, follows medicine man Walk-in-the-forest on a walk in the woods that leads to the discovery of an intriguing secret world. This minimalistic, though brilliant, animation features an amazing soundtrack featuring forest and traditional Canadian native music elements.

When the Day Breaks
1999, Canada, Animation, 9 min
Directed by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby

In this animated short, Ruby the pig seeks affirmation in the city around her after witnessing the accidental death of a stranger… and finds it in surprising places. With deft humour and finely rendered detail, When the Day Breaks illuminates the links that connect our urban lives, while evoking the promise and fragility of a new day.

  • Winner of over 40 prizes from around the world, the film also features singer Martha Wainwright.