ICRT (FM 100)


icrt2-01International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) is operated by the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation (TICCF), with offices and studios located at 19-5F, No.107, Sec.1, Zhongshan Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City.


ICRT officially began broadcasting at midnight on April 16, 1979. The station was formerly the Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT). When the United States announced termination of official diplomatic relations with the R.O.C. in 1978, AFNT, the only all-English radio in Taiwan, prepared to leave the airwaves. This caused grave concern among the foreign community in Taiwan. The president of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Robert P. Parker, announced the establishment of a group of community and business leaders formed for the purpose of saving the station. Its function included fund-raising and negotiating the transfer of equipment so that the station could continue to operate. At the time, then President Chiang Ching Kuo and Executive Premier Sun Yun-Hsuan were keenly interested in this cause. They instructed the Government Information Office to actively provide guidance and assistance in this endeavor. In the end, International Community Radio Taipei took over the broadcast functions of the Armed Forces Network without a break in transmission.


ICRT assumed the official duties of serving the foreign community in Taiwan and forging a cultural link between the Chinese population of Taiwan and the English-speaking residents of the island. ICRT broadcasts from studios in Taipei. There are two broadcast studios, one for FM and one for the News. There are also two production studios where nearly all ICRT’s distinctive programming is produced. We have three 30-kilowatt FM transmitters located in northern, central and southern Taiwan. Our programming is broadcast at 100.7 megahertz from our transmitters in northern and southern Taiwan, 100.1 megahertz in central Taiwan, and 100.8 in the Chiayi area. ICRT’s programming focuses on music, news and entertainment. Our primary mandate is to serve the expatriate community in Taiwan, which constitutes about 5% of our audience, and to act as a cultural bridge to our local audience, which makes up the other 95%.



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