Feature Film: Short Story at the West Gate by Jean-Robert Thomann (10/7-13, 2016)

Second week screenings in Taipei and Chungli (information in the picture below)


It is our pleasure to introduce the release of French director Jean Robert Thomann’s feature film “Short Story at the West Gate”. Jean-Robert Thomann is a french film maker working between France and Taiwan. He had worked as a film editor for more than ten years since he gratuated in broadcasting communication techniques. In 1996, his initial Taiwan trip stimulate him become a documentary director, filming Taiwan issues. In 2015 he has filmed in Taipei his first feature film, “Short story at the West Gate”.

« I am a French documentary director who loves Taiwan. I’ve lived here for many years and have always wanted to shoot a fiction story in Taiwan. Going from shooting documentaries to fiction is not an easy task. Last year, I decided to shoot the movie independently using my own experience to convey my idea. The movie was shot on a meager budget and with the help of friends; I both directed and played the main role. The main idea I wish to share is that everyone has a different dream and, no matter how arduous it might be, one has to go forward and never give up. »

14389802_10207145959343879_1977270328_nShort Story at the West Gate

Directed by Jean-Robert Thomann
Taiwan, 2015, Comedy, 75 minutes
In Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles.

The film is about a 45-year- old documentary director living in Taiwan who has always dreamed of shooting a fiction movie. On top of being penniless, his projects keep getting canceled, fueling conflict with his wife. One late night after meeting with some friends, he finds himself locked out of his home by his wife. Angry, he leaves and ends up roaming around Ximending. It’s an important night for Jean-Robert, because he runs into two women, continuing his story at the west gate…

Trailer: https://youtu.be/WZr1_AUXPvU
Release: October 7-October 13, 2016 (1 week only, don’t miss the film !!!)
Note: Tickets to be purchased at theaters’ entrance.

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Jean Robert Thomann’s Filmography

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